Advantages and Disadvantages of Hammer Crusher

hammer crusher

Hammer crusher is mainly used for medium and fine crushing of soft and medium hardness materials, such as limestone, coal, shale, chalk, gypsum, agglomerated sodium carbonate, sulfate, clay, kaolin, etc.

Hammer crushers mainly include double-rotor hammer crushers and single-rotor hammer crushers. The requirements for the materials to be crushed by the double-rotor crusher are: compressive strength <200kPa, Mohs hardness <4.5, and maximum allowable moisture content of 25-30 %, allowing a maximum clay content of 30%. The requirements of the single-rotor hammer crusher for the materials to be crushed are: the moisture content of the materials should not exceed 10%, and the clay content should be limited to 20%.

The advantages of hammer crusher are:

(1) Since the impact principle is used for crushing, the material is broken along fragile surfaces such as joints and bedding, so the crushing efficiency is high, energy consumption is low, the output is large, the product particle size is uniform, and there is little over-crushing.

(2) The crushing ratio is large, generally 10-15, and the highest can reach about 40, which can reduce the number of crushing stages, simplify the production process, and reduce infrastructure investment.

(3) Simple structure, low cost, easy operation and maintenance.

(4) It has selective crushing, that is, materials with high density have small particle sizes after being crushed, and conversely, materials with low density have a large slope after being crushed, which is conducive to the selection of different components.

(5) The equipment has small mass, no obvious unbalanced vibration when working, and does not require a heavy foundation.

The disadvantages of hammer crusher are:

The hammer head wears quickly, and the harder the material, the faster it wears, so it is not suitable for crushing hard materials. It is not suitable for crushing materials with a water content of more than 9% or sticky materials because it can easily block the screen bars, reduce productivity, and cause equipment accidents.

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