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The ball mill is an essential equipment in the gold beneficiation production line. The large gold ore is firstly crushed by the jaw crusher. After crushing, the ore with a particle size below 10mm is directly sent to the ball mill for grinding and separation. In the process of use, the ball mill will inevitably break down. At this time, we need to deal with it in time to avoid greater economic losses.

BALL MILL with motor

1. The bearing is overheated, the bearing bush lining is melted or burned, and the motor is overloaded

1. The lubricating oil is interrupted or the oil supply is too small. 2. The lubricating oil is polluted or the viscosity is unqualified. 3. Dust, sand or dirt enters the bearing. 4. The oil groove is skewed or damaged, and the oil does not flow into the journal or bearing bush.5. The oil ring does not rotate, and cannot carry oil. 6. The bearing is installed incorrectly. 7. The gap between the journal and the bearing bush is too large or too small, and the contact is poor. 8. The cooling water of the main bearing is insufficient, or the water temperature is too high. 9. Coupling Improper installation 10. The cylinder or drive shaft is bent

Solution: Stop to find out the cause, check the lubrication system; clean the bearing and replace the lubrication device; overhaul the oil tank, oil ring, scrape the gap between the journal and the bearing bush; increase the cooling water; adjust the coupling.

2. Too much vibration and noise of gears or bearings

1. Serious wear of gears 2. Poor meshing of gears and excessive run-out deviation of large ring gear 3. Serious wear of bearing bushes 4. Loose connection bolts of bearing seat 5. Improper installation of bearings

Solution: Overhaul or replace gears; repair bearing bushings; tighten all bolted connections.

3. The ball mill does not start

1. The electrical system is faulty. 2. There are obstacles in the rotating part. 3. The materials and grinding bodies in the mill body are not cleaned, and the wet materials form hard lumps.

Solution: Overhaul the electrical system; check and remove obstacles; remove part of the grinding body from the mill, and mix and loosen the remaining materials and grinding body.

4. The amount of grinding is reduced, and the output per hour is too low

1. Too much or too little feeding. 2. Excessive wear or insufficient quantity of grinding bodies. 3. Wrong installation direction of liners.

Solution: adjust the feed rate to an appropriate level; add grinding body to the mill; reinstall the liner; readjust the abrasive gradation.

5. The temperature inside the mill is too high

1. The temperature of the material entering the mill is too high 2. The cooling of the cylinder is not good 3. The ventilation of the mill is not good

Solution: reduce the temperature of the material; strengthen the cooling of the cylinder; clean the vent pipe or grate hole.

6. Material leakage at the feed end

1. The gap between the feeding chute and the feeding screw barrel and between the feeder and the funnel is large, and the seal is not good. 2. The sealing ring is worn or falls off

Solution: adjust the gap and seal it well; replace the sealing ring.

7. The oil pressure of the lubrication system is too high or too low

1. The oil pipe is blocked 2. The oil supply is insufficient 3. The oil pump or oil pipe seeps into air or oil leaks 4. There is a problem with the oil pump

Solution: Check and clean the oil pipe; replenish lubricating oil; overhaul the failed oil pump.

8. Abnormal vibration or axial movement of the mill

1. Part of the foundation sinks, causing the installation of the mill to be uneven. 2. The foundation is corroded by oil leakage and the anchor bolts are loose.

Solution: shut down the machine, add pads to adjust the sinking amount, and test the production level; knock off the secondary grouting layer eroded by oil, and re-bury the anchor bolts, then adjust the mill, and then tighten the anchor bolts.

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