BTMA-Hammer crusher machinerepair skills

hammer crusher machine

The motor won’t rotate when the hammer crusher machine starts. The motor will not rotate if an external force is applied. However, it will emit a faint electrical sound. This is the cause of the capacitor’s leakage. I’ll be introducing the maintenance skills of the hammer crusher.

The capacitor or motor may not start if the current sounds are too loud. The maintenance staff can then repair the capacitor. If there is no maintenance tool, you can take out the capacitor and plug the wires into the neutral socket. Then, connect the cables to charge.

Next, take the wire out to let it discharge. You can use multiple capacitors if electric sparks are possible. The hammer crusher’s capacity will decrease if the spark is weak. A new or smaller capacitor must be installed. If the capacitor is damaged or cannot be repaired, it should be replaced.

Hammer crusher machine

Hammer crusher frame to port maintenance method: The other plane of the frame that is used for detachable frames will eventually wear out. It is important to resolve this situation quickly. This is the detailed procedure: Measure the wear on the hammer crusher frame, then determine the exact value of the grinding deviation. Next, use the electric welding planner.

To ensure that the original bearing is properly spaced. Treatment for frame cracks: Because the hammer crusher machine frame plays an important role in supporting the load, cracks can develop in the weaker part of the frame. Welding can repair broken frames.

The vibrations of the hammer crusher can be aggravated by their operation. This is due to the unbalanced or loose state caused by the material and the asymmetrical rotor. Pulley sets. Inspection can be stopped once the normal vibration has been removed.

The vibration switch on the hammer crusher machine can also be set to stop equipment damage or personal injury if unbalanced vibrations are detected. An imbalance process of approximately 30-60 seconds is common when the crushing sander feeds. This is a sign that the feed cannot continue and that the feed should be increased until vibrations are reduced.

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