BTMA–How can I adjust the mobile crusher discharge opening size?

mobile crusher

Ore mining is a vast industry that makes use of crushers. Friends who have used this equipment know that it’s efficiency in producing ore is directly related to its structure and nature. The discharge port can also impact its efficiency. The equipment also benefits from the protective effect it has. Today I’ll be focusing on how this equipment adjusts size of discharge opening.

1. The hydraulic cylinder’s plunger houses the main shaft of the hydraulic crushing machine. The hydraulic oil volume under the plunger can be changed to change the positions of the crushing cone at the upper or lower ends. This will affect the size of the outlet port. Overloaded main shafts cause the hydraulic oil to seep into the hydraulic transmission system. This causes the crushing cone to descend and discharge any non-standard material. Broken objects, etc. are removed from the crushing chamber to prevent clogging that could affect the production site.

2. It uses a mechanical approach. An adjusting nut is located at the top end of the main shaft. Rotating the adjusting nuts allows the cone to be adjusted in order to reduce or increase the size of the discharge port. The safety pin on the drive pulley will be cut if it is overloaded. To obtain insurance.

The crusher adjusts the discharge port’s size using different methods in order to achieve the desired operation and local production. This setting is crucial for the machine and should be monitored at all times. It should be maintained to make sure it is usable as normal.

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