BTMA–What is the sound of the crusher?


The crusher is a piece of equipment used in mining operations. This crusher is used for fine and medium crushing operations. Although it has a large crushing output, inconspicuous bumps will cause abnormal noises, which can be detrimental to the environment as well as the mental and physical health of operators. The noise problem from the crusher is a potential hazard. How can you deal with it? Technical staff outlined a number of issues and reasons why the crusher is making noise.

1. The crusher produces its own vibration. The vibration generated by the crusher’s large size is due to the internal hammerhead rotating. To end the mining crushing process, the belt conveyor drives the hammerhead in the production line. It is impossible to avoid the noise from the hammerhead rolling back and forth. We must make sure that equipment and parts are of high quality in order to prevent noise from being made.

2. The crusher must be checked and repaired after it makes an abnormal sound. The crusher may develop defects and problems if the maintenance is done incorrectly. The crusher will make noise after it is finished crushing, such as when the belt is moving off-track or when the stone hits the crusher. It is important to address this problem promptly so that the noise is reduced.

3. You should choose a place that is stable so that the crusher makes no unusual sounds. Also, it is best to stay clear of residential areas. The vibrations from the crusher will not create inconvenience for residents.

Ok, so that’s my understanding of how noise is generated by the mining crusher. For more technical assistance, please contact us.

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