BTMA–Why is there a decline in stone crusher machine production?

stone crusher machine

There are many reasons for the decline in the output of the stone crusher machine. Such as the hardness, humidity, and fineness of the material to be broken. This is caused by external factors and caused by improper operation.

Let’s analyze stone crusher machine the reasons carefully below:

1. Because the material to be crusheR is under the conditions, that is, the hardness and toughness of the material are fixe. In the process of using the crusher, the material must be filled in accordance with the instructions of the equipment;

2. If the humidity of the material is too high, the inside of the equipment is easy to adhere, and it is also easy to cause blockage during the transportation of the material, which causes the efficiency of the equipment to be low. If the material is too wet, it should to drie first. Carry out crushing work;

3. The higher the fineness requirements of the material after being ground, the lower the grinding capacity of the stone crusher machine, resulting in low efficiency.

4. The wiring position of the crusher motor is reverse, which affects the work of the motor. The size of the discharge port of the crushing station is small. And the decrease in production output will also cause the discharge port to block. So it is necessary to increase the size of the discharge port. The displacement of the liner will also affect the working status and efficiency of the equipment.

If there is a problem in the quality of the stone crusher machine itself and the output is reduce. The user needs to find out the reasons one by one, and then solve them in time. Pay attention to the correct inspection method, otherwise the machine will damage. If it is operated by the staff, it is necessary to improve the skills of the staff and strengthen the training of related content.

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