Can composite crushing be used for sand production?

compound crusher

The fine crushing equipment usually used in sand production includes vertical shaft impact crusher and compound crusher, equipped with coarse jaw crusher, medium crushing cone or impact crusher, etc., to form a sand production line. The vertical shaft impact crusher can be used for crushing ores of various hardness, and has a wider application range, while the composite crusher is suitable for crushing medium-soft ores, mainly for crushing materials with low hardness such as coal, limestone, cement, gypsum, and refractory materials. broken.

Compound crusher

Due to the small size of the equipment, the inside is a swing hammer, and the hammer head is relatively small. Therefore, if materials with high hardness, such as granite and pebbles, are crushed, the wear of the hammer head will be accelerated, the frequency of replacement will be greatly increased, and the maintenance cost will be increased.

Among many crushing equipment, the compound crusher has the advantages of stable operation, low noise, and less dust pollution. Below, we briefly understand the performance characteristics of the composite breaker.

1. Working principle:

When the compound crusher is working, the material falls into the crushing cavity from the entrance, and is quickly thrown to the impact plate after being hit by the high-speed rotating blow bar. Cracks appear, and then the material enters the next processing link, which is the rotor cavity. The material enters the conical rotor cavity and falls in a spiral shape. After stamping and extrusion again, the cracked ore can be broken again.

2. Performance characteristics:

The maximum feed particle size is 100-220mm, and the discharge particle size: materials ≤ 3mm account for more than 70-90%. It has the function of fine crushing and coarse grinding. When used together with the mill, the output of the mill can be increased by about 40%, and the power consumption of the system can be reduced by about 30%. The working noise is lower than 75 decibels (db level), and the dust pollution is less.

3. Applied materials:

compound crushers are widely used in various ore, coal, cement, refractory materials and other industries, mainly for medium and small crushing cement raw materials and clinker, and for construction sand, iron ore, sandstone , Gypsum, coal gangue, lump coal and other medium hard ore crushing. It is suitable for materials with brittleness and general hardness. If it is used to crush hard ore, the wear of the hammer head will be accelerated.

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