Cone Crusher Failure Prevention and Treatment

multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

Cone crusher is a kind of crushing equipment commonly used for hard stone. Its compact structure, large crushing ratio, high efficiency, low energy consumption, and small wear and tear are favored by the majority of mine sandstone owners.

The working environment of the cone crusher is harsh, and some failures will inevitably occur. These failures not only affect the normal performance of the efficiency of the crusher, but also greatly reduce the service life of the parts and lubricating oil of the crusher, significantly increase the consumption of spare parts and materials, and increase the labor intensity of maintenance and production. Therefore, reasonable handling of these faults can ensure the stable operation of the cone crusher and improve production efficiency.

cone crusher

1. Improve the assembly relationship between the large bevel gear and the eccentric bushing, so that the axis of the large bevel gear of the cone crusher deviates from the axis of the eccentric bushing to the thin edge by 2-2.3mm after assembly.

2. Install electromagnetic iron remover, metal detector and video monitoring system on the belt conveyor to remove unbreakable objects in time before they enter the crusher.

3. The electrical control system is equipped with overcurrent protection. When the crusher is mixed with unbreakable objects or overloaded, the motor can automatically stop running to play a protective role.

4. Regularly check the meshing clearance of bevel gears, the fit clearance between the eccentric bushing and the frame bushing, and replace the eccentric bushing or frame bushing with excessive wear in time to ensure that the clearance is within the specified range.

5. Regularly check the thickness of the thrust disc, and timely adjust the meshing gap between the large and small cone wheels of the cone crusher to ensure that the gap is within the specified range.

6. Regularly check the drainage of the dust-proof device. If a large amount of dust enters the lubricating oil and the oil quality deteriorates rapidly, stop the machine and check the dust-proof device to find out the cause and eliminate it.

7. Regularly check the operation of oil pumps, filters, coolers, valves and pipelines in the thin oil lubrication station, oil quality and oil pressure and oil temperature of the thin oil lubrication system.

8. Regularly check the wear of the liner and the tightness of the fasteners, and tighten the bolts or refill the zinc alloy in time.

9. The operator on the post must abide by the marking operation procedures stipulated in the start-up and stop procedures of the crusher.

10. During the operation of the crusher, attention must be paid to feeding materials evenly.

11. Regularly check the wear of the spherical bearing, and replace the excessively worn spherical bearing in time.

12. Check the oil level of the fuel tank. If the amount of oil in the fuel tank decreases, causing the oil level to drop significantly in serious cases, stop the machine for inspection and find out the cause of the failure in time to deal with it accordingly.

13. Regularly check the spring tightness of the crusher. When the spring tightness of the crusher is not enough, stop the machine and tighten the spring according to the specified range. Proper operation and maintenance of the cone crusher can reduce the failure rate and ensure the normal operation of the equipment in order to maximize the productivity efficiency is what every facility manager expects.

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