Crusher dust removal system

The crusher will produce a large amount of dust during the material crushing process, which not only seriously pollutes the surrounding environment, but also causes serious harm to people’s health. Therefore, the technological update of the dust removal system is also a focus of crusher research. The dust removal systems of many new crushers currently appearing are constantly being upgraded and improved, and the dust removal effects of the crushers are getting better and better.

However, there are still some common problems with the dust removal systems of crushing equipment on the market:

1. The filtration area of the bag dust collector is too small so that the best dust removal effect cannot be achieved;

2. When crushing materials with high humidity, it is easy to cause the unloader to be blocked, which reduces the ventilation capacity of the bag dust collector;

3. When dust enters the pipe of the dust collector, the elbow at the inlet pipe increases the system resistance, and the elbow is easily worn and blocked by dust;

4. When the materials on the belt conveyor are falling, air and materials enter the closed dust cover together, and the dust-containing gas diffuses out of the cover through the gaps and holes on the cover wall, polluting the environment;

5. In order to reduce dust caused by air leakage in the crusher shell, in actual production, water is often sprayed at the entrance of the crusher when the material is dry. The result is that the bag filter bag and the feeder of the bag dust collector are blocked;

6. Bag dust collectors are prone to malfunctions, which not only affects the dust removal work of the equipment, but also increases the maintenance costs of the equipment, etc.

In the future, the dust removal system of the crusher will need to be further improved to address these issues.

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