Factors affecting the service life of the hammer head of hammer crusher

hammer crusher

The hammer head is an essential part of the hammer crusher and is easy to wear. Therefore, its service life is the top priority for the entire equipment. When the wear reaches a certain level, it must be replaced, and this is a long-term item. Work. When the hammer head is severely worn, it is easy to reduce the output and fail to achieve the production target.

So, what are the factors that affect the service life of the hammer head? Based on our analysis of many years of hammer head production experience, we can roughly divide it into three points:

1. The design of the hammer head is unreasonable. This reason is the most important. Unreasonable design directly affects the crushing work of the hammer head. Long-term blowing and crushing will only aggravate the end of the service life of the hammer head and fail to achieve the expected use effect.

2. The material selection of the hammer head is incorrect. Generally, the hammer heads we use are made of high manganese steel, high chromium, alloy and ultra-high manganese steel. Since the strength and flexibility of each material are different, we must pay special attention when selecting materials. We cannot be pretentious and casual. To deal with it, choose the appropriate material.

3. The material crushed by the hammer head should be appropriate. When we use crusher equipment, if we feed too much material and the materials are messy, it will easily affect the service life of the hammer head.

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