Five advantages of impact crusher

impact crusher

As a new type of high-efficiency crushing equipment, the emergence of impact crusher is a historical necessity. First, due to the needs of productivity development, the jaw crusher can no longer fully meet the requirements of crushing technology, so people developed the impact crusher based on the jaw crusher; second, due to the impact crusher itself has It has advantages that other crushing equipment cannot match. It is these advantages that have made the impact crusher very popular among consumers as soon as it appeared. It has gradually become the most common and indispensable crushing equipment and is widely used in mines. , chemical industry, building materials, railways, highways and other industries.

impact crusher

To sum up, the advantages of impact crusher are mainly reflected in five aspects:

First, the impact crusher can effectively prevent material clogging when crushing materials with high humidity. This is mainly because the feed chute and impact plate of the impact crusher can be equipped with heating devices, which can prevent the material from sticking when crushing materials with high moisture content.

Second, the impact crusher can adapt to a wider range of material hardness. Compared with hammer crushers, the impact crusher’s rotor has greater momentum and can crush harder materials while consuming less energy.

Third, the impact crusher can adjust the discharge particle size more flexibly and conveniently.

Fourth, the impact crusher has a more reasonable structural design, less wear on wearing parts, and higher metal utilization. At the same time, replacement of spare parts is simple and convenient, greatly reducing maintenance time and costs.

Fifth, compared with other types of crushing equipment, the impact crusher is more in line with the production process requirements of “more crushing and less grinding”, is more energy-saving and efficient, and is a crushing equipment with great development prospects.

Of course, any kind of excellent equipment has disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage of the impact crusher is that the plate hammer and impact plate wear more seriously, especially when the crusher is crushing harder materials. Therefore, in the future, people’s research on impact crushers must continue to develop their advantages while achieving technological breakthroughs and overcoming their shortcomings, so that the technology of impact crushers will be more advanced, their performance will be more perfect, and they will develop towards more perfect equipment.

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