Hammer crusher care and maintenance

hammer crusher

As a major crushing equipment, hammer crusher has the characteristics of large crushing ratio, high production capacity, low energy consumption, simple structure and uniform product. Therefore, it is loved by many users. Choosing a good piece of equipment can bring considerable economic benefits to users, but if correct care and maintenance cannot be performed during the use of the equipment, it will also cause unnecessary losses to the enterprise. Therefore, correct care and maintenance of equipment is quite necessary.

hammer crusher machine

First of all, the daily maintenance and upkeep of equipment mainly includes cleaning of the equipment; checking the parts of the equipment, especially some key parts that are prone to wear and tear; checking whether the screws of the equipment are tight; doing a good job of lubrication of the equipment, etc.

Secondly, the lubrication of equipment is an important part of daily maintenance and upkeep, and it is important to choose appropriate lubricating materials. Current lubricating materials are mainly divided into grease and lubricating oil. Users should choose appropriate lubricating materials according to the specific working environment.

Finally, it is necessary to ensure that the operators of the equipment have professional qualities and have the ability to operate the equipment.

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