Hard rock impact crusher

impact crusher

Hard rock impact crusher is a crusher equipment widely used in the mining crushing industry. It can crush stones with a compressive strength greater than 300Mpa and a Mohs hardness greater than 6. This type of machine has a large rotor moment of inertia, long service life of the hammer head and wear-resistant lining plate, high output, and the finished material is in the shape of a polygon.

impact crusher

PFY hard rock impact crusher structure:

PFY impact crusher consists of three parts: frame, impact device and rotor. The frame is divided into upper and lower parts. There is a feed guide plate on the upper part of the right side wall of the frame, and the main bearing is installed on the lower part (bottom) of the frame.

Counterattack device, which consists of a counterattack plate and a suspension device. The inner wall of the counterattack plate is equipped with a zigzag lining plate made of highly wear-resistant material.

The rotor consists of a main shaft, a turntable, a plate hammer and a plate hammer fastening device. The spindle is installed in rolling bearings outside the two end walls of the frame. The turntable is a welded structural part, and it is connected to the main shaft by locking.

PFY hard rock impact crusher feeding precautions:

Even distribution of feed material over the entire width of the rotor will extend the life of the crusher and reduce maintenance costs.

The feeding system must have sufficient capacity to ensure that the impact crusher can accept enough raw materials. Otherwise, excessive feeding will cause wear and tear on the crusher, change the size of the finished product, and overload the motor and transmission system.

The feeder must be equipped with a manual switch to control the feed. Feed control is very important depending on the size of the finished product. Install a metal detector in front of the impact crusher to prevent metal parts from entering the crusher mixed with raw materials.

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