How to choose lubricating oil for crushing sand making machine

sand making machine

In the long-term working environment, equipment wear, parts aging and human factors will affect the use of the sand making machine. Among them, the failure caused by the wear of the working surface of the parts accounts for a large proportion. Therefore, in order to solve the wear problem of equipment parts, In addition to using high-quality materials, choosing advanced manufacturing processes, and designing reasonable equipment structures, it is necessary to ensure reasonable lubrication of equipment during use and maintain normal operation and service life of equipment, so how to choose lubricating oil has become an important question.

1. The thermal stability and oxidation resistance of lubricating oil are good

The volume of the sand making machine and the volume of the oil tank are small, the amount of lubricating oil that can be loaded is also small, and the sand making machine equipment works for a long time, and the oil temperature is relatively high, so the added lubricating oil needs to have better thermal stability. and anti-oxidation to ensure that the lubricating oil will not deteriorate and play its due role.

2. Lubricating oil has good rust resistance, corrosion resistance and em

ulsification resistance

The working environment of the sand making machine is relatively harsh, there is a lot of dust and water, and the lubricating oil is easily polluted by impurities. , the performance will not change greatly, and it can also lubricate the equipment.

3. Moderate viscosity of lubricating oil

Since the sand making machine generally works in the open air, the temperature changes greatly in summer and winter, and the temperature difference between day and night in some areas is also relatively large, so we should choose a lubricating oil whose viscosity changes with the temperature small, so as to avoid excessive temperature. When the temperature is too low, the viscosity of the lubricating oil is too low to form a lubricating film, and the corresponding lubricating effect cannot be achieved. It can also avoid the difficulty in starting and running the sand making machine due to too high viscosity when the temperature is too low.

4. Lubricating oil has good adaptability and stable performance

When choosing lubricating oil for sand making machine, it is required that the lubricating oil has good adaptability, can be compatible with the seals, and avoids damage to the seals. It is also required that the lubricating oil has good stability, so that its performance will not change too much and can ensure The sand making machine works smoothly.

In addition to the improper operation of the sand making machine that will affect the working efficiency and service life of the equipment, the maintenance of the lubricating oil of the sand making machine also plays a big role, so when you choose the lubricating oil, according to the type of sand making machine and different application structures Choose the type of lubricating oil, choose the appropriate quality grade according to the requirements of the sand making machine, and choose the appropriate lubricating oil according to the working environment and different seasons of the sand making machine.

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