How to deal with the failure of the vibrating screen?

vibrating screen

The vibrating screen is the supporting equipment of the sand and gravel production line. Although its function is not as important as that of the crusher, it is also indispensable. It is used for screening and grading of the crushed ore. Once the vibrating screen fails during work, it will also affect the progress of the subsequent crushing process, and the failure needs to be resolved in time. Here we will introduce you how to deal with the faults in the vibrating screen.

Vibrating Screens

1. If the vibrating screen cannot be started or the amplitude is too small, first consider whether there is any electrical obstacle, the motor is damaged, or the components in the line are damaged, or the local voltage is insufficient at that time. There are no problems in these three aspects, and then mechanically Check to see if there is too much material on the sieve surface, and if so, remove it. Check whether the coupling bolts on the vibrator have fallen off and whether the lubricating grease has thickened and agglomerated. At this time, the vibrator can be cleaned and repaired, and then the position of the weight block of the eccentric shaft or the auxiliary eccentric block can be adjusted appropriately.

2. The flow of material on the screen surface is abnormal. First, the rigidity of the screen box is insufficient, and there is a critical frequency, which indicates that the connecting bolts have been loosened by vibration, even to the extent of overall vibration looseness, that is, tightened. The second is that the horizontal level of the screen box is not determined correctly. Find faults from the support seat of the supporting leg spring or the spring itself, and it may also be caused by damage to the screen surface. Just replace the screen. If the screen box is not rigid enough and the horizontal level is not correct, it will cause the beam to break, and if it is still in operation, the material flow will be abnormal. There may also be improper operation, that is, the extremely unbalanced feeding is also one of the reasons.

3. The screening quality is poor. The reason for this problem is mostly caused by improper operation. It may be that the mesh is blocked, the fine particles and moisture in the sieved material increase, the material layer on the sieve is too thick, and the feeding is uneven and so on. In terms of machinery, the two sides of the screen may not be pulled tightly. If the shaft vibrates eccentrically, the belt may be weak in dragging or the belt is too loose. After the mechanical problem is solved, it can be reversed for a period of time to improve the screening quality.

4. During normal operation, the vibrating screen rotates slowly and the bearing heats up. In this case, it means that the usual maintenance has not been kept up, and the bearing is short of grease. If the grease is newly added, it is the quality of the grease or it is too full. Inferior oil makes the bearing block the labyrinth seal and jam, so the quality of the lubricating grease is very important.

5. Excessive noise may be caused by damaged bearings, loose bolts, broken beams and damaged springs. Except that the bolts can be tightened, the other three conditions require replacement of parts.

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