How to improve the production capacity of jaw crusher?

jaw crusher

The production capacity of the jaw crusher is related to many factors such as the particle size and hardness of the material, the type and size of the crusher, and the operation mode of the crusher, which leads to the reduction of the production capacity of the equipment and the reduction of the production efficiency of the crushing. So how to improve the jaw crusher? What about the productivity of the crusher? The following tells you how to improve the production capacity of the jaw crusher.

Jaw crusher machine

1. The feeding is uniform, and the feeding amount is strictly controlled.

Generally speaking, the larger the amount of feed, the longer the crushing time of the jaw crusher, and at the same time the wear of the machine will increase, which are all factors that affect the production capacity of the jaw crusher. Therefore, it is recommended that users must strictly control the materials during production and operation, and do not allow the particle size to be too large,

When non-broken materials such as superhard materials, materials with high water content or iron blocks enter the crushing cavity, it is also necessary to keep the feeding uniform.

2. Adjust the discharge port size in time

Adjust the discharge port size in time. During production, the size of the discharge port should be adjusted in time according to the nature of the feed material. Properly increasing the discharge port of the machine can not only increase the production capacity, but also prevent the machine from being blocked. The adjustable range is generally between 10mm-300mm.

3. Appropriate eccentric shaft speed

Under given working conditions, the production capacity of the jaw crusher increases with the increase of the rotational speed of the eccentric shaft. When the rotational speed reaches a certain value, the production capacity of the jaw crusher is larger. After that, if the speed increases again, the production capacity will drop sharply, and the content of over-grinding products will also increase accordingly. Therefore, an appropriate eccentric shaft speed should be selected to improve productivity and reduce energy consumption.

4. Choose crushing equipment accessories with good wear resistance

The better the wear resistance of the crushing parts (hammer head, jaw plate) of the crushing equipment, the greater the crushing capacity. If it is not wear-resistant, it will affect the crushing capacity of the jaw crusher.

5. Maintenance work of jaw crusher

In order to make the jaw crusher work more effectively, achieve the predetermined production capacity and reduce the loss of accessories, it is not enough to pay attention to the above, but also to maintain the equipment regularly, especially for jaw crushers and other vulnerable parts. Good mechanical equipment, good equipment maintenance can not only reduce the wear and tear of accessories, prolong the service life of equipment, but also effectively improve work efficiency and reduce production costs.

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