How to lubricate the crusher well

The crusher is mainly used for crushing various hard materials such as ores and rocks. Due to its large workload and harsh working environment, the crusher is particularly susceptible to severe wear and tear, which reduces the service life of the equipment and affects the smooth progress of the entire production line. The most effective solution to this problem is to lubricate the equipment. It may seem like a small job, but its role cannot be underestimated. Therefore, when companies maintain equipment, they must pay special attention to the lubrication of the equipment.

First of all, the lubrication system of the crusher should be checked frequently to ensure its normal operation.

Secondly, there are many types of lubricants. When users choose lubricants, they should purchase appropriate and high-quality lubricants according to different seasons and their own equipment.

Then, generally speaking, the best replacement period for equipment lubricating oil is between 1200-2000 hours. Therefore, users should pay attention to regular replacement of lubricating oil.

Finally, when changing lubricating oil, especially when changing to a different type of lubricating oil, the oil pipe and oil tank must be cleaned first to avoid affecting normal lubrication work.

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