How to optimize the design of jaw plate of jaw crusher

We all know that the jaw crusher relies on the interaction of two moving and static jaw plates to complete the material crushing operation. The movable jaw is one of the important parts of the jaw crusher, and it is also the heaviest component of the entire crusher. The design of the movable jaw is related to the final crushing effect of the jaw crusher. Therefore, if a crusher manufacturing company wants to greatly improve the performance and technology of the jaw crusher, the key is to optimize the design of the jaw plate. So how to optimize the design of the jaw plate?

First of all, most of the jaw crushers currently on the market are relatively heavy, and the movable jaw is a component that accounts for a large part of the weight of the entire equipment. Therefore, under the condition of meeting various requirements such as strength, reducing the weight of the jaw plate as much as possible is a technical breakthrough point for optimal design. The specific method can be to use variable thickness reinforcement, that is, the thickness of the reinforcement near the upper part (head) should be smaller, and the thickness should be larger toward the bottom. In other words, the original rectangular reinforcement should be changed to a trapezoidal reinforcement, which will reduce the weight of the movable jaw and increase the strength of the movable jaw. Ensure sufficient strength.

Secondly, the finite element research on the frame and movable jaw should be strengthened, and the finite element optimization design of the frame and movable jaw should be carried out to achieve the light weight and high reliability of the frame and movable jaw. In addition, the crushing chamber, crusher power balance, etc. can be optimized and designed with the help of computers. In short, modern design methods should be used to replace the original conventional design methods.

Finally, the level of welding, casting and other processes also affects the performance and quality of components such as the jaw plate and the entire equipment. Therefore, it is also necessary to improve welding and casting technology.

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