How to protect sand and gravel crushing equipment during heavy rain?


For the sand and gravel mining industry, the rainy season is also a disaster season. So, what protective measures should we take for crushing equipment when the rainstorm comes?

1. Pay attention to the power supply of the equipment during the rainy season. If water enters the power supply part, a short circuit may occur, so safety precautions must be taken;

2. The motor is the key part to ensure the high-speed operation of the equipment. Inspection and maintenance before the rainy season is essential;

3. To prevent a series of failures such as the shortened service life of the unprotected belt after being wet by rain, if it is not a closed factory area, it is recommended to stop to protect the equipment.

Maintenance skills of crushing equipment in rainy season

1. Waterproof measures should be taken for the motor part to prevent the motor from entering the rainwater and causing the motor to burn out and affect the normal crushing work. Water is easy to conduct electricity, so when it rains, you should pay attention to being drenched and take safety precautions.

2. Avoid parking the mining machine too close to the edge of the cliff or ditch. All equipment should be parked on solid and non-dangerous ground, and should not be parked on slopes, slopes greater than 20 degrees, and soft ground, etc.

3. Check the motor wiring of the battery and maintain the parts of the jaw crusher. Always supply power to the battery and maintain the preheating device.

4. Rainwater is corrosive to steel to a certain extent. Management and operators should take effective measures according to local weather conditions and air pollution conditions at that time to reduce the impact of chemical corrosion on machinery.

5. Regularly add some lubricating oil to the crusher. In rainy days, replace the crusher with special lubricating oil and grease for the rainy season, and pay attention to cleaning when changing the oil.

In short, in addition to anti-rust, anti-electricity, and lightning protection, it is also necessary to strengthen the overall inspection of construction electrical equipment, power facilities, and transportation tracks, and ensure the spare parts required for equipment repairs during the rainy season. Combined with the specific situation, do a good job in the inspection work. In the case of ensuring the safety of the machine, do a good job of checking the surrounding conditions such as slope protection, and make detailed records of the inspection to ensure that the protection work is foolproof. After the rain, drain the cooling water in the engine, replace the engine oil, and fill up the diesel oil for equipment with a fuel tank to prevent the fuel tank from rusting.

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