How to protect the crusher from temperature in winter


When winter comes, the temperature is relatively low. The fuel, engine oil, lubricating oil and water in the machinery and equipment are very easy to freeze, and it is difficult to start the machine. In order to extend the service life of the crushing equipment, we must take certain measures. OK, do a thorough inspection and maintenance of the crusher to ensure that the construction machinery survives the winter safely. Precautions for maintaining the crusher (rock crusher) in winter are as follows:

Everyone who uses the crusher must keep in mind the precautions for the crusher in low-temperature environments. The impact on the crusher in low-temperature environments is also great. First, ensure the cleaning of the crushing equipment. The motor, chassis, bearings and other parts of the crushing equipment should be regularly and thoroughly cleaned and dusted. At the same time, some parts should be checked for damage or leakage, so as to prepare for the next step of maintenance. However, when cleaning, do not use high-pressure and high-temperature water guns to clean parts of the machine that require waterproofing, as this may cause damage to the equipment.

The fuel, engine oil and lubricant of the crusher must be replaced regularly. The diesel used in the equipment is prone to wax formation at low temperatures, increased viscosity, poor fluidity, poor atomization, etc., which reduces the power of the diesel engine. In order to maintain the normal operation of the diesel engine, it is necessary to choose a diesel with a lower freezing point. of diesel. Therefore, when choosing these things, you must consider the condensation problem and choose ones that are not easy to condense when the temperature is low.

The temperature is relatively low in winter. If the equipment is not properly maintained, the production efficiency of the equipment will be seriously affected and the service life of the equipment will be reduced. Today’s explanation hopes to bring some help to everyone. Pay attention to the impact of temperature on the crusher. Protect our machinery and equipment as soon as possible.

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