How to Reduce Crusher Corrosion–BTMA


The impact of corrosion on mechanical equipment such as crushers is very serious. Corrosion will not only affect the normal operation of mechanical equipment on the outside, but may even enter the inside of the equipment and damage the internal parts of the equipment.

Regarding the corrosion of the crusher, on the one hand, chemical substances in rainwater and air enter the inside of the equipment, causing corrosion to the mechanical parts and accelerating the wear and tear of the equipment. On the other hand, when the crusher is crushing materials, the chemical substances contained in the materials corrode the equipment. Equipment managers and operators should take different measures according to different situations to minimize the impact of chemical corrosion on equipment and extend the service life of the equipment.

First of all, equipment operators must keep abreast of weather conditions and air pollution conditions, and take some effective protective measures in advance to reduce the entry of chemical substances as much as possible. At the same time, attention should be paid to the care and maintenance of equipment in daily life.

Secondly, regarding the corrosion of materials, different treatments can be adopted for different materials before they are broken. For example: for materials with relatively large moisture content or dust content, the materials can be slightly processed in advance to reduce the moisture content or dust content of the materials.

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