How to reduce the loss of sand in the gravel production line?


It is a popular trend to equip the current sand production line with pulse dust collector and washing sand washing machine. The surface of the sand cleaned by the sand washing machine is clean and has a good texture, and it can also reduce dust and noise pollution in the production process. However, during the sand washing process, the fine sand and surface sand will be lost with the flow of water. According to statistics, a production line will lose about 5%-25% of the content, which seriously affects the sand production output.

Sand washing machines are divided into bucket wheel sand washing machines and spiral sand washing machines. But no matter what kind of sand washing machine, in the process of stirring the water source, most of the sand will inevitably be brought up, and it will flow away along the water tank while being unclear. Then inevitably caused most of the loss. In addition, the screen of the bucket wheel sand washing machine cannot be too fine after all, so the loss of fine sand is inevitable. So how to reduce the loss of sand?

1. Use multi-stage sedimentation tanks for sedimentation

Equipped with 3-layer sedimentation device in the sedimentation tank, so that after a period of time after the sand washing wastewater flows into the sedimentation tank, it will settle layer by layer. Because the specific gravity of sand and mud is relatively heavy, after a long period of sedimentation, the sand and mud can be separated.

The disadvantage is that the long-term sedimentation work needs to occupy a large area of the sedimentation tank, and the sediment needs to be manually excavated later, which consumes a lot of labor and time costs.

2. Equipped with dehydration screen equipment

The sand washing wastewater is directly discharged to the surface of the linear dewatering screen to recover the lost sand.

The disadvantage is that if the raw material contains little or no mud, there will be no problem. However, if there is too much mud, the last link will be ineffective, and the recycling effect will not be achieved at all, and the recycled sediment mixture will still be recovered.

3. Use the fine sand recycling machine to recycle

The sand washing wastewater is discharged to the lower water tank of the fine sand collector, the mixed sediment water is pumped to the cyclone separator by the slurry pump, and then discharged to the screen surface, the fine sand is discharged with the screen surface, and the mud and water are returned to the The water tank is lowered to form a circulation, from which the sand in the waste water is extracted.

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