How to reduce the replacement of wearing parts of hammer crusher

hammer crusher

The hammer crusher is a first-stage crusher that directly crushes materials with a maximum particle size of 600-1800 mm to 25 mm or less. Hammer crusher is suitable for medium and fine crushing of medium hard materials such as limestone, slag, coke, coal and other industrial sectors such as cement, chemical, electric power, and metallurgy.

How to reduce the replacement of wearing parts of hammer crusher
The hammer crusher is a low-cost and high-efficiency brittle ore processing equipment. However, many problems inevitably occur during the production process, such as hard metal entering the cavity, which increases the consumption of grating bars and other wearing parts. Dahua Heavy Machinery assists customers on-site After investigation, the following four production factors need to be known:

The vulnerable part of the hammer crusher is the grate bar. The main reason for the damage of the grate bar is the impact wear of the material. When hard materials or unbreakable materials enter the crushing cavity, it will also aggravate the blockage of the grate bar. The material in the crushing cavity will It will increase the load on the grating bars and easily cause damage to the grating plates.

1. Moderately reduce the height of the ribs of the hammer crusher to 50mm higher than the grating bars. You can also weld reinforcement plates on the sides of the ribs that are beneficial to strengthening the ribs to effectively enhance the wear resistance and Ability to withstand blows.

2. After the hammer crusher is installed, before normal production, it is necessary to reduce production and check whether the crushing cavity is clean and remove foreign objects or parts from the machine cavity.

3. To reduce the situation of unbreakable foreign objects such as iron blocks entering the crushing cavity, you can use magnetic separator equipment to remove iron blocks and other unbreakable objects before passing the raw materials through the crusher.

4. The operator should check frequently during the operation and production process. If any abnormal sound is found, the machine needs to be stopped for inspection. Taking the foreign matter out of the crusher cavity can avoid damage to the grate plate by the foreign matter.

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