How to solve the problems of vertical compound crusher at work?

compound crusher

Vertical compound crusher, referred to as vertical compound crusher, is used for the fine crushing stage of ore. It has a simple structure, high crushing rate, no grate bar design, and can crush materials with a moisture content greater than 8%. During the working process of the vertical composite crusher, more or less failures will inevitably occur. How to solve these failures?

Compound crusher

1. If the crushing cavity of the vertical compound crusher makes violent noise during operation, the power should be turned off first, the machine should be stopped and the crushing cavity should be cleaned.

2. If the vertical composite crusher produces huge vibrations during work, check whether there is unbreakable material entering the crushing cavity, check the tightening of the liner and the distance between the liner and the hammer head, and confirm that the wear-resistant liner is Whether it falls off.

3. Bearing failures mainly include bearing damage and bearing overheating. Bearing damage is mainly caused by unbalanced rotor or bearing installation. Bearing overheating is caused by lack of lubricating oil, excessive grease or deterioration of lubricating grease. In this case, we must follow the installation guide when installing, and pay attention to the daily care and maintenance of the bearings.

4. The hammer head is a wearing part of the vertical composite crusher. After long-term use, the working surface of the hammer head will wear, the surface shape will change, the gap between the hammer head and the liner will increase, and the mutual friction will decrease. Wear of the hammer head is inevitable, we can only extend the service life of the hammer head as much as possible.

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