How to solve the slow discharge of cobblestone sand making machine

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The pebble sand making machine is the core equipment in the pebble sand making production line, so the output of the sand making machine is related to the capacity of the entire production line. Due to long-term use, the equipment of the sand making machine will be aging, or the production efficiency will be affected due to improper operation, resulting in slow discharge of the sand making machine, which cannot meet the needs of the sand making production line. How should we deal with the slow discharge of the sand making machine?

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1. The sand making machine feeds too fast

If the feeding speed of the sand making machine is too fast, it may increase the load of the machine. Before the crushed materials are completely discharged from the machine, new materials will enter the crushing cavity, which will lead to slow discharge or even blockage. In this case, we should pay attention to the feeding speed, and adjust the feeding amount by observing the condition of the equipment ammeter.

2. Whether to use and maintain the sand making machine correctly

Whether the sand making machine is used correctly, and whether the sand making machine can be maintained regularly after use is also a factor that causes the sand making machine to discharge slowly. After the sand making machine has been working for a period of time, its accessories may be worn and aged, which is normal. The key is that after the equipment is used, it is necessary to regularly inspect and repair the various components of the equipment, replace them in time if any problems are found, and do a good job in corresponding maintenance work.

3. Human factors

The sand output of the sand making machine is also related to the nature of the stone. For example, crushed granite and pebbles are two kinds of stones. When the sand making machine is making sand, the output will be slightly different, because the hardness and particle size of the stone itself are different. , the amount of sand produced will also vary. Therefore, users should carefully read the operating instructions and equipment parameter requirements when using, and must not operate in accordance with the regulations in order to pursue high output, such as excessive feeding, and the hardness of the output exceeds the crushing range, not only less sand output but also causing wear of spare parts. serious.

The above is an explanation of how to deal with the slow discharge of the cobblestone sand making machine. I hope that through the explanation, you will have a better understanding of the sand making machine and help you in operation.

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