Inspection and maintenance of jaw crusher

Jaw Crusher

The inspection and maintenance work of the jaw crusher mainly includes the following points:

(1) Check the heating condition of the bearing. The temperature shall not exceed 60℃ (the temperature of the rolling bearing shall not exceed 70℃). This is because the bearing platform used for casting bearing bushes can work normally only when the temperature is below 100°C. When it exceeds 60°C, it should be stopped immediately for inspection and troubleshooting. The inspection method is: if there is a thermometer on the bearing, the temperature value can be read directly; if there is no thermometer that can be used for estimation, it is placed on the tile shell until it becomes hot and cannot be left on, which should not exceed 5 seconds. Its temperature exceeds 60℃.

(2) Check whether the lubrication system is working properly. Listen to the working sound of the oil pump, observe the pressure on the oil pressure gauge, and check the oil star and oil leakage in the oil tank:

(3) Check whether there is any metal fines and other dirt on the oil return. If so, stop the vehicle immediately and open the bearings and other lubricated parts for inspection.

(4) Check whether the bolts, flywheel keys and other connecting parts are loose and whether the broken linings and transmission parts are worn.

If the discharge port increases due to wear of the lining plate, the size of the discharge port should be adjusted in time to make the crushed products meet the required particle size. The adjustment of the size of the ore discharge port should be carried out according to the range specified in the crusher product manual.

The size of the ore discharge port refers to the distance between the crest of one crushing liner and the corresponding trough of another crushing liner. For the convenience of measurement, a sample can be made according to the required size of the ore discharge port for measurement.

(5) Clean the lubricating oil filter regularly and wait until it is completely dry before use.

(6) Replace the lubricating oil in the oil tank regularly. Because the lubricating oil is exposed to the air and affected by heat during use, as well as the penetration of impurities such as dust and moisture and other reasons, the oil gradually ages and deteriorates and loses its lubricating performance. Therefore, the lubricant must be replaced reasonably. The oil cycle cannot be used improvised.

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