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Jaw Crusher is the most important primary crushing equipment in the market at present. It has large crushing ratio, stable performance and easy operation. It plays an irreplaceable role in mining, metallurgy, water conservancy construction, chemical industry, construction and other fields. During the use of the jaw crusher, each component must be inspected, so as to ensure that the jaw crusher can exert higher efficiency during work, reduce the downtime rate, and prolong the service life.

Jaw crusher machine

Inspection items of jaw crusher

1. Before starting the machine, check whether the parts and fastening bolts of the jaw crusher are loose to ensure the integrity of the safety device.

2. Check whether the conveying equipment, electrical equipment and lubricating device are in good condition before, and whether there is any leakage in the lubricating system

3. Check the heating condition of the bearing, the temperature must not exceed 60 degrees, otherwise, stop the machine for maintenance immediately.

4. Check whether there are large ore in the crushing chamber of the jaw crusher, and start operation after removing the stones in the crushing chamber.

5. Adjustment of feed rate of jaw crusher.

In the process of ore breaking, it is necessary to observe the lumpiness of ore, the proportion of fine ore, and the situation of mud and water content to control the amount of ore feeding. When there is a lot of muddy water, it is easy to block the crushing chamber, and when the ore block is large, it will overload the crusher, and the ore feed should be reduced at this time. When the lumpiness of the ore is small, the humidity and sediment content are low, the ore feeding rate can be increased to increase the desktop production capacity. However, the adjustment of ore feeding should be moderate and not change too much, otherwise the particle size of the product will be difficult to meet the specified indicators. Therefore, it is required to keep the ore feeding as uniform as possible.

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