Operating procedures for vibrating feeder

vibrating feeder

Before the vibrating feeder is used in the jaw crusher, it can feed materials evenly and continuously, transport large stones to the crushing equipment regularly and evenly, and play a pre-screening effect. The stable operation of the vibrating feeder plays a certain role in guaranteeing the subsequent crushing process, so how to ensure the stable operation of the feeder? When the user is using it, he must operate it correctly according to the operating procedures of the feeder, so that the quality and quantity of the vibrating feeder can be fully utilized.

Vibrating feeder

Vibrating feeder operating procedures

1. Preparatory work before start-up: (1) Read the duty records and deal with the problems left over from the previous shift; (2) Check and remove any debris between the machine body and the chute, springs and brackets that may affect the movement of the machine body; ( 3) Carefully check whether all fasteners are fully tightened; (4) Check whether the lubricating oil in the exciter is higher than the oil level; (5) Check whether the transmission belt is in good condition: if it is damaged, it should be replaced; , Wipe it clean with a rag; (6) Check whether the protective device is in good condition, and eliminate it in time if any unsafe phenomenon is found.

2. Start: (1) After inspection, the machine and the transmission part are normal, and then it can be started; (2) The machine is only allowed to start under the condition of no load; (3) After starting, if any abnormal phenomenon is found, it should be immediately Stop the car, and start it again after it is found out that the abnormal situation has been ruled out.

3. Use: (1) The machine can run with materials only after the machine vibrates stably; (2) The feeding should meet the load test requirements; (3) The shutdown should be carried out in accordance with the process, and it is forbidden to stop with materials or continue after stopping during shutdown. Feed.

The above is the operating procedure of vibrating feeding. When users use it, as long as they operate the equipment strictly in accordance with the above regulations, unnecessary failures can be avoided to a large extent, so as to ensure the crushing efficiency of the entire production line and improve economic benefits.

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