Pay attention to the correct operation and reasonable maintenance of the crusher

For mining, metallurgy, cement, chemical and other enterprises, purchasing a high-quality crusher equipment is very important. High-quality crushing equipment not only has high production efficiency, but is also less prone to failure, reducing the company’s maintenance costs and saving costs. However, no matter how good the equipment is, it will malfunction if it is not operated correctly and properly maintained. During the operation of the equipment, operating the equipment strictly in accordance with the operating procedures and paying attention to the maintenance of the equipment can effectively reduce equipment failures, ensure long-term continuous operation of the equipment, and reduce downtime.

First of all, before the crusher is operated, the equipment must be carefully inspected to ensure that the discharge port is not blocked and the bolts of each component are not loose.

Secondly, when turning on the equipment, wait until the operation is normal before feeding materials into the machine. During operation, pay attention to equipment abnormalities. If there is severe vibration or noise, stop the machine immediately for inspection.

Then, before stopping the machine, make sure that all the materials in the machine have been discharged, and then turn off the power.

Finally, carry out regular inspection and maintenance of the equipment, do a good job of lubricating the equipment, and replace seriously worn parts in a timely manner.

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