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impact crusher

The impact crusher is a crushing machine that uses impact energy to crush materials. It is widely used in the production work of highway, railway, water conservancy, chemical industry, electric power and construction industries. The following points are the precautions for feeding and starting the impact crusher:

impact crusher

1. The starting sequence of crushing equipment and feeder is: discharge-crushing-feeding. Special attention: the crusher must be started under no-load conditions, and the material can only be fed after the crusher is running normally; the shutdown sequence is just opposite to the startup sequence.

2. Be sure to check whether the chamber door is tightly closed before starting the machine to prevent materials from rushing out of the chamber door during use. This is an important step for safe production.

3. The feeding amount should be as uniform as possible in the length direction of the rotor, otherwise it will accelerate the local wear of the blow bar and the impact plate, and also reduce the productivity of the machine; If the load changes too much, the machine will vibrate unbalanced. Since the impact crusher is a high-speed rotating machine, continuous feeding is better for the matching feeding equipment.

4. There are strict regulations on the particle size of the incoming material in the sand making process. If the particle size of the material is larger than the specified particle size or smaller than the specified particle size, it will damage the machine.

5. Operators are not allowed to open the observation port for inspection when the machine is running, and should also avoid approaching the feeding port, so as to avoid material blocks flying out and causing personal injury accidents.

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