Precautions for producing machine-made sand

sand making machine

Replacing natural sand with machine-made sand produced by crushers has become an inevitable trend in market development. However, there are still some differences between manufactured sand and natural sand.

The particles of natural sand are round and the surface is smooth, which is beneficial to the workability of concrete. The particles of machine-made sand are sharp, have more edges and corners, and have a rough surface. To this end, we must continuously strengthen quality management, improve production processes, and improve technical levels, thereby improving the quality of machine-made sand and truly replacing natural sand with machine-made sand.

The production of machine-made sand should mainly pay attention to two aspects:

First, we must continue to develop more advanced new machine-made sand production equipment, optimize the production process, and achieve effective management of machine-made sand production and quality control;

Secondly, strengthen quality supervision, formulate strict quality standards, improve the overall quality level of machine-made sand, and avoid unqualified machine-made sand from being put into use.

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