Precautions when using sand making machine

The sand making machine

Sand making machine, also known as vertical impact crusher. It is a relatively common crushing equipment in the production process of sand and gravel aggregates. It is mainly used to crush medium crushing products into 3-5mm sand. By observing some relevant data during the use of the sand making machine, we can know whether the equipment is running well, and can detect equipment failures in time, so as to solve the failures faster and better, and avoid greater losses to users.

VSI Sand maker

1. Ammeter reading – observe its fluctuation

A large current may indicate that the feeding volume is too large, the crushing chamber or machine base has excessive material accumulation, or there is friction between the central feeding pipe and the impeller receiving port, the discharge hopper is blocked, and there is a mechanical or electrical failure.

Low current may indicate underfeed, slipping drive belt, or electrical failure.

The difference in the current of the dual drive motors may indicate that the tension of the drive belt is not adjusted uniformly, and there is an electrical or mechanical fault. The current error of the two motors should be less than 20A.

2. Noise level

Elevated noise may indicate bearing damage, slipping drive belts, wear of accumulated material in the crushing chamber, friction between the center feed tube and the impeller.

3. Vibration

Increased vibration may indicate uneven wear of wearing parts or rotors, rotor imbalance due to uneven material buildup, damaged anti-vibration pads, loose rotor or pulley taper.

4. Material flow

An increase in feed humidity may increase the accumulation of material in the rotor, crushing chamber and machine base. By observing the discharge of the crusher, it is usually found that the accumulation of material.

5. Dust emissions

When feeding, there should not be a large amount of dust discharge, otherwise, check: too little feeding may cause the crusher to discharge dust from the feeding hopper and discharge hopper.

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