The impact of wear-resistant accessories on the crusher

Since the crusher operates at high speed during the crushing process, and most of the crushed materials are hard materials such as ores and rocks, the wear of the crusher by the materials is quite serious. In particular, most of the accessories of the crusher are in direct contact with ores and other materials during operation, and the failure of accessories due to wear is even more serious. The quality of the wear-resistant parts of the crusher is related to the performance, service life and working efficiency of the crusher, and directly affects the normal operation of the entire equipment.

In addition, the crusher consumes a huge amount of wear-resistant parts. For example, a single-stage hammer crusher needs to install a set of 50 crusher hammer heads. Each hammer head weighs about 100 kilograms. Moreover, in harsh working conditions When crushing highly abrasive materials under harsh conditions, the service life of the hammer head will be greatly reduced, and some sets of hammer heads can even be used for only 2 days. Therefore, crusher accessories need to be replaced in time, and good quality wear-resistant parts manufacturers must be selected.

BTMA believes that crusher manufacturers should pay attention to the wear resistance of accessories. They can use wear-resistant materials, optimized design and other means to make equipment accessories better able to withstand the wear of hard materials.

BTMA is a leading company in China’s crusher industry. With the joint efforts of all employees, BTMA has always been customer-centric and strives to provide users with the highest quality and most reliable crushing equipment. Here, users are reminded to choose a crusher with better wear-resistant parts when purchasing a crusher. At the same time, more importantly, during the maintenance of the equipment, seriously worn parts must be replaced in time to avoid damaging the main machine of the crusher.

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