The reason for the slow discharge of the sand making machine?

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The size of the output of the sand making machine has a great relationship with the production efficiency of the machine, and the output size refers to the number of finished products produced per unit time. If the output is slow, the output of the equipment will drop. After the machine has been running for a period of time, there will also be uneven discharge. How did these phenomena come into being?

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Reasons for the slow discharge of the sand making machine:

1. The feeding speed is too fast

If the feeding speed of the sand making machine is too fast during production, it will increase the load of the machine and cannot process these materials in time, which will cause slow discharge or even blockage. The solution at this time The way is to pay attention to the feeding speed at all times, and adjust the feeding amount by observing the pointer of the ammeter of the equipment. Generally speaking, when the feeding is fast, the pointer of the ammeter will be too large. Current, then it will cause overload phenomenon, if this situation can not be solved in time, it will cause the phenomenon of motor burnout, and the solution is to reduce the amount of feed.

2. Parts are aging, broken, etc.

For sand making machines, there are many internal components, and these different parts work together to complete the production of materials. The phenomenon of high moisture content will also cause the phenomenon of slow discharge. The solution to this phenomenon is to regularly check and maintain the various parts of the equipment, and then control the moisture content of the feed, so as to Ensure the smooth working process of the sand making machine.

3. Caused by the blockage of the vent

In the production of sand making machines, if the conveying equipment is not matched, the phenomenon of vent blockage may occur, which will cause slow discharge. The solution at this time is to adjust the conveying equipment so that it is in line with the manufacturing process. The sand machine can be matched.

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