Things to note during the trial running-in period of the crusher


As we all know, after the crusher is installed and before it is officially put into production, a test run must be carried out to ensure that the equipment can operate normally. Newly put into production crushers must go through a running-in period to achieve better production results. There are three key points to pay attention to during the running-in period:

1. The amount of material input must be appropriate

The filling amount of materials should not be too much, and should be about 80% of the actual production volume. Because in the early use of the equipment, due to the influence of parts processing, assembly and other factors, the surface of the equipment is relatively rough, the pressure-bearing state of the surface is uneven, and the surfaces of the parts fit and rub against each other. Overload operation will accelerate the wear of the mating surfaces of the parts. Therefore, the wear rate is rapid during the running-in period. If overloaded at this time, it may cause damage to parts and cause early failure.

2. Pay attention to equipment lubrication

Since the fitting clearance of newly put into production equipment is small, the lubricating oil cannot easily form a uniform oil film on the friction surface to reduce wear, thus reducing the lubrication efficiency and easily causing early abnormal wear of the equipment, leading to failure.

3. Understand the crusher performance and equipment structure to prevent misoperation

Fully understand the performance and equipment structure of the crusher to reduce failures caused by operating errors. In the early stages of equipment use, parts that are originally fastened can easily become loose due to factors such as vibration loads. Therefore, before using the crusher, operators should understand the structure and performance of the crusher in advance to reduce problems caused by improper operation.

The running-in period is a very important stage in the initial use of the curhser. If the equipment can be properly maintained during this stage, the service life of the components and the complete equipment will be greatly extended.

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