To crush granite, choose a cone crusher

multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

Granite is composed of feldspar, quartz, biotite and other components. It has a compact structure, high hardness, does not drop debris, is not afraid of high temperature, is durable, and has low water absorption. It is a good natural stone, and its resource reserves are particularly abundant in my country. Granite can be widely used in construction, bridge arch, pavement, foundation stone, chemical industry, metallurgy and other fields after crushing and processing.

The texture of granite itself is relatively hard, and it is relatively expensive to crush it with general equipment. Single-cylinder cone crusher is suitable for crushing hard materials. Single-cylinder cone crusher is used to crush and process granite. Large size, very suitable for crushing relatively hard materials such as granite, and the later operation cost is relatively low.

cone crusher

cone crusher

Feed size: 40-450mm

Production capacity: 45—2176t/h

The fine crushing equipment in the cone crusher has a simple structure, laminated crushing, high crushing efficiency, and can be crushed into finished stones of different particle sizes.

(1) Use the principle of laminated crushing to realize the crushing and processing of materials to achieve greater throughput, higher production efficiency, better product particle shape and lower unit energy consumption;

(2) The automatic control system can realize functions such as overload protection, over-iron protection, and constant discharge port during the crushing process, and can realize real-time monitoring of parameters such as oil temperature, flow, pressure, load, and discharge port size to ensure reliable operation of the equipment ;

(3) The reinforced frame structure has a high bearing capacity, which can ensure long-term stable operation of the equipment in the crushing of hard mineral rocks. Various cavity types, wide adaptability, high crushing efficiency and strong processing capacity.

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