Troubleshooting method of sand washing machine

Sand washing machine

The sand washing machine is used to wash the soil, dust, etc. in the sand to achieve the purpose of washing the sand. It has the characteristics of high washing degree, large processing capacity, low power consumption, and less sand loss. The sand washing machine has simple structure, easy maintenance, large processing capacity, high cleaning degree, low power consumption, etc. Therefore, sand washing machines are more and more used in sand making production lines. With long-term use, any machine will break down, and the sand washing machine is no exception. As long as we deal with these failures in time, the productivity of the entire production line will not be greatly affected. So what should I do if the sand washing machine breaks down during use? How to deal with these failures?

Bucket sand washer

1. The amount of sand washed by the sand washing machine is reduced or sand is leaked:

1. The sand net is damaged; 2. The fixing bolts of the sand net fall off;

Solution: 1. Check and repair or replace the sand screen; 2. Tighten the bolts.

2. Rack vibration:

1. The coupling frame bolts are loose; 2. The bearing seat bolts are loose;

Solution: 1. Tighten the bolts 2. Check and tighten the bolts.

3. The gear is easily damaged:

1. There is no timely maintenance; 2. The shaft of the sand washing machine and the low-speed shaft of the reducer have not reached the specified parallelism.

Solution: 1. Refuel according to the specified time; 2. Adjust to meet the requirements.

4. The transmission part is noisy:

1. Insufficient lubrication of gears; 2. Variation of gear spacing.

Solution: 1. Add sufficient grease; 2. Adjust the anchor bolts of the reducer and tighten them.

5. Bearing wearing parts:

1. The oil is broken or the sealing ring is damaged; 2. The long-term lack of maintenance and cleaning.

Solutions: 1. Add oil or replace the sealing ring according to the regulations; 2. Clean regularly.

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