Use and maintenance of hammer crusher

hammer crusher

Hammer crusher uses the impact of the hammer head when the rotor rotates to crush brittle materials or medium-hard ores (such as coal, limestone, gypsum, etc.). The crushing ratio is large and suitable for use under conditions of small particle size requirements, but it cannot be used to crush tough fibrous materials and materials with high humidity (moisture content greater than 15%).

During use, if the hammer crusher cannot be operated and maintained correctly, the service life of the equipment will be greatly reduced, especially vulnerable parts such as the hammer head. Maintenance work must be done well, otherwise the wear of the parts will be accelerated and the progress of the project will be affected. Increase operating costs.

The hammer crusher has a high rotation speed, a large crushing ratio, and a lot of dust. It is required that the vibration amplitude of the machine does not exceed 0.2mm after startup. The output of the hammer crusher decreases as the wear of the hammer head increases, because the impact of the hammer head weakens at this time. After the hammer head is worn to a certain extent, you can turn it over and use it. When both sides of the hammer head are worn to the limit, replace the hammer head. When replacing and turning over the hammer head, the hammer shaft must be pulled out and the hammer head must be removed. When replacing the hammer head, pay attention to the weight balance of the hammer head to ensure smooth operation of the crusher and reduce vibration.

The material of the hammer head is generally high manganese steel, and the key to its service life is the heat treatment process of the hammer head. With proper heat treatment, the service life of the hammer head can be approximately doubled.

The anchor bolts of the hammer crusher must be tightened, and every point of the lubrication part must be checked to ensure good lubrication. The hammer crusher has a no-load test run of 8 hours and a load test run of continuous operation for 8-24 hours.

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