What are the necessary production equipment for the gravel production line?


With the rapid economic growth in recent years and the acceleration of urbanization, the demand for aggregates is also increasing. Therefore, the price of sand and gravel aggregates is also rising, attracting more customers to invest in machine-made sand. The selection and matching of machine-made sand production equipment plays a particularly important role in the construction of the production line. So what are the necessary production equipment for the sand and gravel production line?

To start a machine-made sand factory, it is necessary to purchase crushing equipment, sand making equipment, screening equipment and other auxiliary equipment. In addition, we also need to adjust the type and configuration of equipment according to the actual production needs of customers.

1. Crushing equipment: jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crushing, mobile crushing, etc.

The key point of the machine-made sand production line is the equipment. Among them, the crushing of raw materials and the selection of special crusher products are the overall equipment matching and the focus and key of the production line construction. In terms of meeting the higher standard needs of production line construction, it is also a particularly important equipment in the process of achieving assured crushing function guarantee and effect, and it is more in line with the key points of production efficiency guarantee and quality.

2. Sand making equipment: impact sand making machine, vertical shaft sand making machine, vertical compound crusher, etc.

The mechanical equipment of machine-made sand is to carry out the purpose of forming sand. The sand making machine is the core equipment of the entire sand and gravel production line. It is used to make gravel sand. After the stone passes through the sand making machine, the finished product is of excellent quality, rounded in shape and meets the grading standard.

3. Screening equipment: vibrating screen, mobile vibrating screen

In addition to the application of crushing and sand making, the final equipment is screening, which can guarantee the specification matching of finished products and ensure that more qualified products can be screened. It is a very safe choice in the actual production and application. At present, the commonly used screening equipment has adjustable specifications and standards, which can improve the accuracy of production.

4. Auxiliary equipment: vibrating feeder, belt conveyor, etc.

The material needs to enter the crusher uniformly, quantitatively and continuously through the vibrating feeder, which can improve the crushing efficiency. The belt conveyor is an efficient and continuous conveying material equipment, which has the characteristics of continuous conveying, reliability and convenience, long conveying distance, low energy consumption, large conveying capacity, and environmental protection.

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