What are the precautions when using the mountain stone sand making machine?

The sand making machine

With the restriction of mining of natural sand and gravel, municipal works are still in full swing, and the demand for sand and gravel in the market is increasing. The rock sand making machine is the most frequently used and practical machine in the sand making industry. In the daily operation of the rock sand making machine, how do we operate to avoid damage to the rock sand making machine and extend the life of the rock sand making machine equipment service life?

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1. Before the equipment is started, please check whether the observation door of the sand making machine is closed to prevent materials from rushing out of the observation door of the rock sand making machine, which is very dangerous.

2. When the rock sand making machine is running under load, the feed particle size is not allowed to exceed the allowable particle size of the equipment.

3. The normal operating temperature of the bearing box of the Shanshi sand making machine is 40°C~60°C. After running for half an hour, if the temperature exceeds 70°C, it means that there is a certain problem with the bearing box, and it should be stopped for maintenance in time.

4. The feeding material of the mountain stone sand making machine should be continuous and uniform, the feeding particle size should strictly meet the requirements, and the feeding material should not be larger than the specification, otherwise, the mountain stone sand making machine may be out of balance, causing excessive wear and tear of the equipment, easy to block, and in severe cases, it cannot work normally. Work. If excessive feeding is found, the equipment should be shut down immediately.

5. The vibration intensifies during the operation of the sand making machine, indicating that there may be non-uniform wear between the wear-resistant parts and the rotor, which is caused by the unbalanced state caused by the non-uniform rotor and accumulated material, or the tapered sleeve of the pulley is loose. . After excluding normal vibration, stop the machine for inspection. In addition, the vibration switch installed on the sand making machine can be set. When it detects unbalanced vibration, it will automatically stop before equipment damage and personnel injury occur.

6. The rotor wear-resistant parts of the sand making machine are designed to protect the rotor body from wear and tear. In order to ensure the trouble-free operation of the sand making machine, it is necessary to routinely inspect the wear-resistant parts of the rotor and the inner material lining of the machine, and the worn parts that cannot meet the requirements of one working shift should be replaced in time. Every 8-10 hours of equipment operation, check the interior and appearance of the rotor and sand making machine, and add grease to the bearing box.

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