What are the reasons for the blockage of the mobile crusher?

mobile crushers

During the working process of mobile crushers, material blocking is a relatively common problem. If the material blocking lasts for a long time, it will damage the performance of the crusher on the one hand, and reduce the production efficiency of the crusher on the other hand. In order to solve this The problem needs to find the reason first, what will cause it?

1. Material problem

The nature of the stones produced not only affects the selection of crushing equipment, but also affects the production efficiency of the crusher. For example, stones with high hardness and high humidity often need to be crushed for a longer time to meet the discharge requirements. If If the special material is still fed according to the normal feeding speed, it is easy to cause the mobile crusher to have a material blocking problem.

2. Feeding too fast

When the mobile crusher is in production, it is required to feed the material at a uniform speed, neither too fast nor too slow. If it is too fast, the material will be blocked when it enters the machine cavity and is not broken in time. In order to avoid this situation, it is generally necessary to configure a vibrating feeder. feeder to achieve uniform feeding.

3. The voltage is unstable or too low

The motor of the mobile crusher needs a certain voltage to work normally. If the voltage is unstable or too low, although the motor can rotate, the power it generates is not enough to crush the materials in the crushing cavity. A large amount of material is blocked in the crushing cavity, which affects production.

4. Improper tension of the V-belt

During the production process of the mobile crusher, the power is transmitted to the sheave by means of the V-belt to crush the stones. When the V-belt is loose, it will cause slippage. As the sheave rotates instead of driving the sheave, the material cannot be processed normally at this time. The crushing force cannot be crushed in the crushing cavity, and then the material blocking phenomenon occurs.

5. Equipment problems

There are also great differences in the quality of mobile crushers produced by different manufacturers. If the blocking problem occurs frequently, it is likely to be related to the quality of the equipment. For example, the design problem of the transmission parts may cause the crusher to fail to achieve the actual crushing effect, thereby causing material blockage; or the processing capacity of the crushing, transfer, screening and other systems does not match, and it is also prone to material blockage. Therefore, we must choose regular and powerful manufacturer equipment.

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