What are the vibrating screening equipment commonly used in mines?

vibrating screen

Mining vibrating screens are indispensable screening and screening equipment in mine production. Although they all appear as “supporting roles”, they play a vital role. Cooperate with the crushing operation for pre-screening and inspection screening, preparatory screening before the sorting operation; after the material is crushed, it is divided into independent screening for various particle size products; auxiliary operations such as dehydration, desliming and medium removal.

Vibrating screening equipment can be divided into circular vibrating screens and linear vibrating screens. Our products are mainly divided into YKR series circular vibrating screens and ZKR series linear vibrating screens.

1. YKR series circular vibrating screen

YKR series circular vibrating screens can provide one-layer, two-layer, three-layer or multi-layer vibrating screens according to different customer needs, and can be used for dry or wet screening operations. Extensive production practice has proved that this series of vibrating screens has the advantages of reasonable structure, high screening efficiency and large processing capacity.

The circular vibrating screen uses the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the eccentric block in the vibrator to make the screen box, vibrator and other parts perform forced continuous circular or approximate circular motion. The material is thrown continuously on the inclined screen surface along with the screen box; when it is thrown up, it is stratified; when it falls, the particles pass through the screen. Circular vibrating screen has the characteristics of reliable structure, high screening efficiency, strong excitation force, durable, convenient maintenance, safe use, etc. It is widely used in mining, building materials, transportation, energy, chemical and other industries.

2. ZKR series linear vibrating screen

ZKR series vibrating screens are mostly used for dewatering and desliming of materials.

ZKR series is a linear vibrating screen. The linear vibrating screen is widely used in the mining industry. The vibrating motor is used to excite the force to make the material be thrown on the screen and move forward in a straight line. The material enters the screening machine evenly from the feeder. In the feed port, several specifications of oversize and undersize are produced through the multi-layer screen, and are discharged from their respective outlets. The linear vibrating screen has compact structure, reasonable vibration parameters, stable movement, low energy consumption, high output, high screening and dehydration efficiency, fully enclosed structure, no dust spillage, automatic discharge, and is more suitable for assembly line operations.

There are many types of vibrating screens, and customers can choose the screen machine that suits them according to their actual needs.

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