What are the wear-resistant parts of cone crusher?

cone crusher

As we all know, cone crusher is a popular crushing equipment on the market. However, many friends do not know what kind of wear-resistant parts this equipment has, and which company’s wear-resistant parts are good and durable.

cone crusher

The wear-resistant parts of the cone crusher mainly include: crushing wall, rolling mortar wall, lining plate, etc. If the quality of these wear-resistant parts is not good, it will directly affect the crushing performance of the cone crusher and even shorten the service life of the equipment. . In order to ensure the performance of the crusher, many manufacturers use high manganese steel materials to manufacture the wear-resistant parts of the equipment. After further processing, the service life of the wear-resistant parts is significantly increased, and the service life of the cone crusher is also increased by 20- 40%.

Although the wear-resistant parts of the cone crusher are made of highly wear-resistant materials, as the working time of the cone crusher increases, the wear of the wear-resistant materials will become more and more serious until the wear-resistant parts are damaged. Cone crusher manufacturers have already taken these situations into consideration, so manufacturers generally store wear-resistant parts for cone crushers.

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