What equipment is used to clean the gravel?

Sand washing machine

The current market has higher and higher requirements for sand and gravel aggregates, and has certain requirements for the cleanliness of sand and gravel. Therefore, in some sand and gravel mining and processing sites, we often see sand washing machines, which are mainly used to remove the sand and gravel. Equipment for separating soil and sand. How is the equipment for cleaning stones cleaned? There are two types of sand washing equipment commonly used in the market, bucket wheel sand washing machine and spiral sand washing machine.

1. The bucket wheel sand washing machine is mainly designed with a bucket wheel.

The base is similar to the boat-shaped structure design and is equipped with a motor. It has three functions of cleaning, dehydration and impurity removal, and is divided into three types: single wheel, double wheel and three wheels. , has the characteristics of simple structure, small equipment volume, large processing capacity, small sand loss, low power consumption and long service life. In addition, the screen of the bucket wheel sand washing machine is installed on the blades, and the particle size of the screened sand can be adjusted according to user requirements. The output is 20-350 tons per hour.

Working principle: The sand and gravel are sent into the sand washing tank by the conveyor belt, and the impeller rotates under the action of the motor. The rotating impeller can not only keep the water in the sand washing tank moving, but also drive the sand and gravel to move. In the constant movement and friction between the sand and water, the impurities on the sand are washed away, and then taken out of the sand washing machine by the rotating impeller, so that the cleaning of the sand and gravel is over. When the sand washing machine is working, water should be added continuously , to discharge the washed light debris from the flushing tank at the overflow outlet.

2. The spiral sand washing machine is also one of the commonly used supporting equipment in the sand production line.

The whole cleaning process is more flexible in terms of time and frequency, so the cleaning effect is better. It is generally used in sorting places such as stone factories, construction sites and hydroelectric construction sites, with an hourly output of 20-300 tons.

Working principle: The sand and gravel are stirred by the screw device in the equipment, so that the soil and water in the sand and gravel are mixed and discharged from the nozzle on the equipment, and the sand and gravel are gradually screened under the action of the screw device, from The discharge port at the top is discharged, so as to realize the cleaning and screening effect of sand and gravel.

These two types of sand washing equipment are commonly used. When choosing equipment, customers should purchase suitable equipment according to their actual needs.

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