What is the 750×1060 jaw crusher capacity and price?

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The 750×1060 jaw crusher can be used to crush river pebbles, granite, bluestone, basalt and other stone materials. Because of its simple structure, large crushing ratio, uniform product size, stable performance, and easy maintenance in the later stage, it is mostly used in the production of small and medium-sized sandstone factories. With the hot sales of 750×1060 jaw crushers, many users will start to pay attention to the capacity and price of 750×1060 jaw crushers. Here, we will answer them one by one for you.

Jaw crusher machine

750×1060 jaw crusher capacity

The 750×1060 jaw crusher is a small and medium-sized crusher with an hourly capacity of 60-180 tons, which can meet the production needs of most small and medium-sized gravel plants. If the customer has other needs, we can choose matching crushing equipment for you, and we can also customize it for you. BTMA750x1060 jaw crusher can also be used for steel slag crushing. It is equipped with a hydraulic protection device. When the machine encounters unbreakable materials, it will automatically unload through the hydraulic protection device, effectively solving the “steel jam” problem.

Maximum feed particle size: 630mm

Discharge opening gap: 80-140mm

Production capacity: 50-180t/h

Power: 110Kw

750×1060 jaw crusher price

How much is a 750×10609 jaw crusher? I believe this is the most concerned issue of many users. From the perspective of market conditions, different brands, manufacturers, and different types of equipment have different quotations. The price of equipment has a lot to do with equipment selection. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the properties of crushed materials, such as material hardness and wear resistance. properties, viscosity, etc., the size of incoming and outgoing materials, equipment capacity, etc.

In addition, large manufacturers will have special personnel responsible for equipment manufacturing, installation and after-sales service, which are also included in the cost of the equipment. Therefore, the price of the crusher is not uniform. If you want to know the price of the 750×1060 jaw crusher, you can browse our website, or contact WhatsApp directly: +8618238543716.

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