What is the crushing ratio of mine crushing equipment?


The crushing ratio is an important evaluation index to measure the crusher. The crushing ratio of the crusher refers to the ratio of the particle size of the raw material to the precision of the crushed product. It indicates the degree of reduction of raw materials after crushing. After the ore is crushed, the particle size becomes smaller, and the ratio of the particle size before crushing to the particle size after crushing is called the crushing ratio. It represents the multiple of particle size reduction after the ore is crushed.

In fact, to put it simply, how big is the maximum feed material that the crusher can enter, and how small is the minimum diameter of the output material, the ratio of the two is the crushing ratio of the crusher. Just think about it, we use a crusher to crush stones just to crush the stones to the particles we want at one time. Therefore, a crusher with a large crushing ratio is what we need.

There are several ways to calculate the crushing ratio:

1. Use the maximum particle size before ore crushing and the maximum particle size after crushing to calculate the maximum particle size method. This calculation method is often used in the design of mineral processing plants in my country, because the jaw crusher feed port should be determined according to the maximum particle size of the ore feed during design. width.

2. The ratio of the effective width of the feed port of the crusher to the width of the discharge port of some jaw crushers is not determined by the size of the discharge port.

3. Calculated by the average particle size before and after crushing, also known as the average crushing ratio.

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