What kind of crushing equipment is needed to make bluestone into sand?

sand aggregate production line

Bluestone is a relatively common ore in nature and an important constituent rock in carbonate rocks. Bluestone is one of the commonly used raw materials for sand making. After being processed by crushers, sand making machines and other machinery, it can be used in housing construction, highways, railways, bridge construction and other fields. So which equipment is better for crushing bluestone? How to choose?

1. Crushing and processing of large pieces of bluestone

Recommended large-diameter PC jaw crusher, jaw crusher is mainly used for coarse crushing operations, with a large diameter, can process bluestone materials below 1360mm, and process to 40-300mm, and there are many optional models.

2. Medium and fine crushing of bluestone

PFQ impact crusher and GPY cone crusher are recommended. As a brittle and soft material, bluestone can be used in a variety of medium and fine crushing equipment. The impact crusher has good particle shape, high efficiency, and is economical and reliable; the cone crusher has a large crushing ratio. , the output grain shape is good, the production efficiency is high, and the degree of automation is high.

3. Bluestone sand processing

VSI sand making machine is recommended, which has high wear resistance and good crushing effect; the automatic operation control system reduces the failure rate of equipment; adopts the principle of “rock hitting rock and rock hitting iron”, which can make sand and shape it, and the finished materials are mostly cubic and dense. Large, reasonable gradation, in line with construction sand standards.

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