What materials are impact crushers suitable for crushing?

impact crusher

In a gravel production line, jaw crushers, impact crushers, cone crushers, sand making machines, etc. are usually used. To crush different materials, different equipment needs to be selected for crushing. The impact crusher is very popular in the industry due to its high crushing efficiency, good grain shape of the finished product and low investment cost. But not all materials can be crushed by impact crusher. Which materials are suitable for impact crusher?

impact crusher

The impact crusher can process materials with a side length of less than 100-500 mm, and the compressive strength can reach as high as 350 MPa. The crushed material is cubic, the discharge granularity can be adjusted, and the crushing specifications are diversified.

1. The impact crusher is generally used for secondary crushing. Since the feed port of the impact crusher is limited, it is not recommended to put too large materials directly into the impact crusher. We suggest that the material below 500mm can be put into the impact crusher for crushing. If the particle size of the material exceeds 500mm, it is recommended to install the jaw crusher for primary crushing before the impact crusher. In addition, different types of impact crushers have different sizes of crushed materials. When purchasing a crusher, we should choose a suitable crusher according to the size of the material.

2. When the impact crusher is in use, pay attention to the broken material not having too high viscosity. If the viscosity is too high, the density between the materials will be relatively large, and the toughness will also be strong. The material will not be crushed to a satisfactory effect. It will also bring a series of early troubles to the crusher. High-viscosity materials are easy to adhere to the broken wall of the crusher, which has a great impact on the maintenance work and subsequent production of the crusher.

3. The impact crusher uses the impact force to crush the material. Driven by the motor, the material hits the blow bar on the rotor and is crushed again by the counter-attack plate. If the hardness of the material is too large, such as granite or basalt, Then it will accelerate the wear of the impact plate and the blow bar, shorten the service life of the wear parts, and need to frequently replace the impact plate or the blow bar. In this way, the maintenance cost in the later period will be increased virtually, and the service life of the impact crusher will be shortened.

4. For the impact crusher, the amount of fine powder in the material should not be too much, otherwise it will remain in the crusher during work, and if things go on like this, it will affect the operation of the crusher. Therefore, before entering the impact crusher, we will use a vibrating screen to screen out the fine powder, so that it will not cause a lot of follow-up cleaning problems, and will not cause the equipment to reduce its service life due to improper operation.

To sum up, the impact crusher is suitable for crushing materials with hardness below medium, low humidity, low viscosity, and low fine powder content, such as limestone, dolomite, gypsum, etc.

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