What should be paid attention to in the actual operation of the mine crusher?

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If the crusher does not pay attention to protection in daily use, and does not have good operating habits and maintenance work, its service life will be affected and production efficiency will be reduced. So how to ensure production efficiency while prolonging the service life of the crusher?

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1. Before starting, carefully check whether the crusher has well-lubricated bearings, the connection in the bearing seat, and whether there is enough grease;

2. Before starting, carefully check that all the fastenings of the crusher are completely fixed.

3. Before starting, check whether the ore crushing cavity or other debris, such as ore, or other debris, should be removed.

4. Whether the crusher starts under load conditions.

5. After the crusher is started, if any abnormality is found, it should stop running immediately. The abnormality must be found out and eliminated, and then the crusher should be restarted.

6. The normal operation of the crusher, and then start pouring.

7. Under normal circumstances, the temperature rise of the bearing should not exceed 35°C, and the higher temperature rise should not exceed 70°C.

8. Regularly pay attention to and timely lubricate the friction surface to ensure the normal operation of the crusher and prolong its life.

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