What to do if the bearings of jaw crusher are too high

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As we all know, steel machines will heat up when used for a long time, and unscientific heat dissipation methods will destroy the service life of the machine body. Therefore, how to dissipate heat when the jaw crusher is hot is a big problem? Today I will explain in detail the solution to the high temperature of the jaw crusher.

1. Reasons for high temperature of bearings

1. Insufficient lubrication

Ensuring good lubrication of bearings is an important measure to reduce production wear and improve economic efficiency. Whether the lubrication system can work properly is a prerequisite for good lubrication of equipment. When the bearing is out of oil, the friction increases and the temperature will naturally rise; when too much lubricating oil is injected, not only will a large amount of lubricating grease be wasted, but it will also cause chaos in the lubrication system and cause temperature rise; when the oil holes are clogged, the temperature will rise. Insufficient lubrication may cause temperature rise.

2. Improper use of lubricating grease

The choice of lubricant also affects the temperature rise of the bearing. If the viscosity is too high or the viscosity is too low, it is difficult to form an oil film, which can cause the bearing temperature to rise too high. Especially when the viscosity of the lubricating oil is high, it not only increases the internal friction between the lubricating oil molecules, but also increases the friction between the oil and the metal, resulting in excessive heat generation.

3. Bearing wear is serious

After the jaw crusher has been used for a long time, parts that are prone to wear, such as bearings, will suffer serious wear problems. If it is used again, it will not only fail to achieve the effect, but will also cause the temperature to rise, which will have a negative impact on the operation of the entire equipment.

2. Solutions

1. Timely lubrication

The amount and time of lubricating grease added should change in time according to the operating status of the equipment, which requires close attention to the operating status of the equipment. An appropriate amount of grease should be added every 400 hours of operation. The lubricating oil added to the bearing seat should be 50%-70% of the volume and replaced every 3-6 months. Avoid filling too much or too little lubricant. It is also necessary to clean the oil holes to prevent the inability to add lubricating oil due to blockage of the oil holes.

2. Select appropriate lubricating grease

When choosing grease, you must choose a grease with higher viscosity, good adhesion properties, and good vibration damping properties; you must also fully consider the economic applicability of the grease to minimize cost investment; according to the seasonal temperature Change, choose different lubricants; do not mix different lubricants; grease is also used to protect the surface of rolling bearings from corrosion, so it must be able to absorb condensation water, etc.

3. Repair and replace bearings in time

When the bearings are worn out and cannot be used, they must be replaced. When assembling, pay attention to cleaning the bearing bush, journal, oil collector and lubricating oil pipeline. Then the main bearing bush, connecting rod bush, etc. are assembled. When installing the V-belt, it should be slightly looser than during normal operation.

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